Future Plans - March 2019

Jung in the Lakes: Dreaming and Dream States

The Society of Analytical Psychology
invites you to the second of its innovative, residential weekends
based in Grasmere, Lake District, U.K.
Friday tea-time, March 22nd
through to
Sunday lunch, March 24th 2018

Lake View Country House, Lake View Drive,
Grasmere, LA22 9TD

In March 2019, our focus will be on a Jungian approach to dreaming and dream states. With illustrations from clinical work and personal experience, we will be exploring the meaning of dreams in the context of dreamers’ lives, as well as working with dream symbols, active imagination and dream amplification. To allow the experience to be further digested and personalized, we will be providing facilitated reflective learning groups, social dreaming workshops, and an opportunity to walk with others in the Lakeland fells. Numbers of participants are strictly limited to provide an in-depth experience.

For a more detailed idea of the programme, topics and speakers, please download:

Please email the completed form to our host Roselyn Abbott at: info@jungnorthwest.uk.

Proposed Weekend Schedule:
Friday March 22nd 2019:

Saturday March 23rd 2019:

Sunday March 24th 2019:

Each of sessions A-D comprises a seminar of 60 mins, a short break of 10 mins followed by facilitated group discussion for 1 hr 20mins.

The following people will be involved in this weekend: speakers Jan Wiener and Susanna Wright, and group facilitators Roselyn Abbott (host) and Joan Fogel.

Jan Wiener Jan Wiener is a supervising and training analyst for the Society of Analytical Psychology, the British Psychotherapy Foundation and the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. She is Director of Training at the Society of Analytical Psychology in London. Jan was Vice President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) from 2010 until 2013, with special responsibility for IAAP Developing Groups in Analytical Psychology in different parts of the world. She is author of chapters and papers on topics such as ethics, training, supervision and transference. She has published four books. The most recent, edited together with Catherine Crowther, is From Tradition to Innovation: Jungian Analysts Working in Different Cultural Settings, published in 2015 by Spring Journal Books.

Susanna Wright Susanna Wright is a supervising and training analyst for the Society of Analytical Psychology, the British Psychotherapy Foundation and the Westminster Pastoral Foundation. She worked for several years as an analyst for trainees of the International Association of Analytical Psychology in St Petersburg and has very recently retired from a 5-year term as Co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Analytical Psychology, for which she organised conferences in Berlin, London and New York. She holds an MA in the psychodynamics of organisations and has worked in organisational consultancy, as well as lecturing and teaching on clinical training programmes in the UK and overseas. Susanna works mainly in private practice in London and Kendal.

Roselyn Abbott Roselyn Abbott is a trustee, Diversity Officer and member of the SAP, a Jungian Analyst, a member of the Group Analytic Society International and the British Association for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervision. Ros is also a registered Mentalization Based Treatment Practitioner. She has extensive experience working as a Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Group Analyst within the NHS including forensic services, specialising in working with women and personality disorders. Ros holds an MA in Intercultural and Group Therapy, and currently works in private practice (Mindmatters) as a Jungian Analyst and Group Analyst. Within the SAP, Ros provides group-analytic reflective practice for SAP analytic trainees. Until recently she was the editor of the Film & Culture section of the Journal of Analytical Psychology.

Joan Fogel Joan Fogel is a group-analytic psychotherapist and accredited Balint leader. She is a member of the Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling, the UK Council for Psychotherapy and the Balint Society, and is an organising member of the Group Analytic Society International (GASI). After leaving the NHS, she has a private practice for individuals and groups. She is a tutor and group conductor on a psychotherapy training and provides reflective practice groups for staff in a variety of settings. She co-leads a Balint group for GPs and another for educators.

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https://www.thesap.org.uk/, Charity Number 238441

Atmospheric Grasmere

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