Reflective Groups

After each seminar, we meet in a group discussion setting for an hour and 20 minutes.

When we meet to reflect on our experience of learning together, we aim to provide ourselves with a democratic experience of minds opening together. Our mutual openness to ‘not knowing’ allows our learning to go deeper.

Encouraging, respecting and integrating different perspectives promotes our growth and development. Although the group experience may at times feel personally impacting, it is not designed to be a substitute for personal therapy.

Our facilitators will be aiming to develop a healthy learning culture within the group, as we reflect on the seminars and the experience of the weekend.

Together all of us in the group are responsible for providing a safe, beneficial and satisfying learning environment. We can give one another a safe space to share how our experience of the weekend impacts on us both individually and within the group. The reflective group is designed to foster mutual support, sharing of knowledge and insight, in a trusting, open and honest environment. The complexities of confidentiality can be thought about, discussed and maintained as agreed.

Hopefully, as we develop effective communication within our learning community, that community can become both cohesive and coherent. We can use the reflective group to share concerns regarding any aspect of the weekend, reflecting on the experience of learning, and to explore appropriate strategies for managing difficulties and moving forward when necessary.

Ros Abbott

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