Social Dreaming

Saturday & Sunday 8-9am, Lake View Dome

Come and share your dreams! Hopefully the social dreaming matrix will provide a democratic experience of minds opening together, becoming available for dwelling in possibility.

Social dreaming questions the notion that dreams are personal possessions, which they undoubtedly are in a therapeutic situation. The task is to bring our dreams, without personal interpretations, as elements of the socio-centric. As we play in this way, we have the opportunity to be in touch with the environment and become aware of the totality of our multi-dimensional universe.

A social dreaming matrix, where we come together to bring dreams, is a democratic venture. It is the dreams that are important rather than the status of the dreamers. In a social dreaming matrix we might free associate by bringing another dream, or simply surrender ourselves to trains of thought without monitoring them for importance, relevance, or whether they are nonsense or disagreeable. We also use amplification in a social dreaming matrix (a Jungian technique). Here we use our imaginations to speculate on the socio-cultural significance of the dreams emerging, freely associating along these lines, eventually linking the dreams together. The implicit knowledge of the dream, evoked by free associations and amplification gives social dreaming its strength and richness of thought.

Ros Abbott


Lawrence, W.G. (2005) Introduction to Social Dreaming. London: Karnac.

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